Meeniyan Art Gallery is an innovative gallery showcasing Gippsland’s best visual artists and artisans. It has a focus on handcrafted and original works and promotes both emerging and established artists. In addition to the galleries and a gift shop it also has a studio/workshop area available for hire.  The Gallery periodically stocks book of interest, please check the Books page for more information.

September Exhibitions

Gallery 1  – Pyrogravure: Sue Gilford

Since moving to South Gippsland l have been involved in many community arts and indigenous projects. Artist in Schools program’s and murals for the Shire of South Gippsland .

I have had numerous solo and group shows in South Gippsland and in Melbourne.

Currently I have an intense interest in pyrography and working my “burning” techniques onto timbers, furniture gourds and boab nuts. I was really honoured to do my wood burning on the new information desk at Wilsons Prom.

For the past few years I  have really enjoyed teaching drawing and pyrography in workshops and working towards exhibitions.

Gallery 1 – ‘Conversation in Symbiosis’: Zetta Kanta

In this exhibition, I am exploring the complex, symbiotic, living relationship, of old growth trees and the life they host. Being of European heritage, I am aware that there are no old growth forests left on the European continent. Having this precious living organism on our doorstep, I regard as a luxury and privilege, that is free for me to explore and learn about. Inspired by the book by Peter Wohlleben “The Hidden Life of Trees” I am exploring the language of trees in visual, soft medium.

Gallery 2 – ‘Now in Gippsland’, Susan Hall, Martin Curwain, Leslie Monahan, Amelie Camille, Dylan Breninger

Each artist brings their unique perspective on the world around them, be it Gippsland’s natural beauty in Susan Hall’s and Dylan Breninger’s work or the scarecrows that graced the streets of Meeniyan as part of the annual Scarecrow Competition captured by Martin Curwain.

The subject of Leslie Monahan’s work is closer to home. Using an iPad to take images of her left hand from X-rays, Leslie’s work has allowed her to exercise her creativity while recovering in bed from a recent operation.

Amelie Camille’s work is a series of mixed media images sourced from photographs taken of wedge tailed eagles by her father.  Amelie has restored and adapted these photographs with reflection on the recent killings of over 130 eagles in East Gippsland earlier this year.

Gallery 3 – ‘Colour and Movement’, Sandra Peeters

Drawing and painting have formed a strong part of my life for as long as I can remember, along with a general interest in the visual arts. I am mostly interested in representing and interpreting the movement, events and environment through the use of abstracted line and colour.

The inspiration for this exhibition is threefold:

A visit to the David Hockney exhibition in Melbourne during 2017 – Although I have to admit that in terms of painting, Hockney is not my favourite artist, I was very interested in his use of an i-pad to create direct and beautiful images. My son kindly introduced me to a suitable drawing app and the images exhibited here are a result of my happy experimentation with this technology.

A visit to Israel earlier this year – I spent a week in Israel on a kibbutz very close to the border with Lebanon. During this time I visited many places and passed through the West Bank on my way to Jerusalem. It was like being in another world.

Daily Life – Observing, appreciating and enjoying the relatively uncomplicated life and simple pleasures that we can still experience here in Australia.