Our History

Meeniyan Art Gallery was started by a group of Meeniyan residents who had recognised both the wealth of talent in our area, and the lack of gallery space.

 In late 2000, they purchased an historical building that had been built in the 1890′s, and was moved, by bullock dray, to comply with the town boundaries when the town was surveyed, in 1900. It had been ‘Tobias and Considine’, Meeniyan’s butcher and baker. We have maintained the historical feel, the floors and walls being the original Baltic Pine, and the butcher’s marble slabs still in place in the front window. ​

 Originally built on a block near the Dumbalk turnoff before 1890. It was shifted to its present site where it was used as a bakery (at the rear until 1910 by Mr Odgers. From 1910 to 1919 it was run as a bakery and butcher by Reeder and Welsford. Mr Welsford bought Mr Reeder out in 1919 and ran the business till 1929, when it was sold to Mr Oliver. It was sold to Tobias and Considine in 1933 and operated till 1954.