Layers of Earth - "Stratis Terrae"

Sue Gilford


My creative endeavours are deeply entwined with my garden and the environment of South Gippsland.

I nurture and grow my gourds and embrace the potential of discarded timber, reclaimed wood and the natural elements of dried vines, boab nuts, seed pods etc.

My main artistic expression is pyrography (drawing with fire). I often incorporate intense patterns surrounding the landscape. I am always ‘looking at’ the mangroves and migratory birds of Nooramunga.

While pyrography stands as the cornerstone of my practise, l am also exploring a keen interest in lino-cutting, drawing, painting and ‘construction’.

I hope, as l expand my techniques and repertoire, l can infuse into my work my profound reverence of the natural world and it’s remarkable wildlife.

Zetta Kanta


In the realm of Layers of Earth, my artistic exploration delves into the intricacies of ecosystems and their vulnerabilities, spotlighting the very essence of our responsibilities as stewards of the Earth.

While my creative journey has been profoundly influenced by the recognition of rivers and virgin forests as vital components of our planet's ecosystem, I am compelled to shift the focus to our own backyard gardens — the microcosms where our interconnected-ness with nature begins. With an unwavering respect for the natural world, I channel my passion into fibre arts, making intricate narratives that mirror the delicate dance of life within these intimate spaces.

Utilising a deft hand and an array of natural fibres, I craft wall hangings that exude an earthy serenity, inviting observers to immerse themselves in the boundless beauty of nature's interconnected tapestry. The textures and colours I meticulously incorporate within each piece create a harmonious interplay, guiding the eye through layers of meaning and inviting contemplation. As hands trace the textured threads, a tangible connection to the thriving flora and fauna of these backyard ecosystems is established.

Layers of Earth represents not only a creative endeavour but a sincere attempt to shed light on the fragility of the environments we are entrusted with. Just as rivers are lifelines for diverse species, our own cultivated spaces are hubs of life deserving of protection. Through my fibre art, I aspire to ignite a dialogue about the intricate balance that sustains these ecosystems and the actions required to preserve them for future generations.

In these delicate works and thoughtful compositions, I hope viewers find inspiration to embrace their role as guardians of the interconnected web of life, celebrating the layers of Earth that we call home. 

Artist Biography

Award-winning fibre artist Zetta Kanta works from her home studio creating impressionist-style, modern wall hangings and tapestries that resemble paintings rather than a non-woven fabric.

Her approach to this ancient material — wool — is refreshing and innovative. Rawness and honesty underline the beauty of this slow-to-execute art form. Crafting a single piece demands an investment of time that can span up to three months. Zetta's ethos is rooted in an ardent desire to foster a home environment characterised by gentleness and tenderness, an echo of the conscientious path humans tread upon the Earth.

Philosophy of wabi-sabi (侘寂) is strongly present in Zetta’s work. Convergence of Japandi influence, a marriage of Scandinavian and Japanese Zen sensibilities, influenced Zetta's work and allows for imperfections to be celebrated.

Zetta has had many solo and group shows over her artistic career. One milestone being the artwork Wild Woods, acquired by The Gippsland Art Gallery for its permanent collection in 2019. Her works also hang in public spaces, her most recent commission being for Rydges Hotel, Melbourne. A four metre by 1.2 metre high piece proudly hanging in the hotel’s foyer.