One Walk

Jenny Peterson

One Walk is a collection of prints, a visual conversation with a particular landscape walked by the artist, one morning in September 2023. The landscape includes Pike’s Track and Circle Track of the Old Mill Site, Boolarra. This is a place which the artist walks regularly, sometimes the circuit taken around the connecting tracks is varied. The regularity of the rhythm, of the walking step through the Gippsland seasons, inspired the idea of ‘capturing’ one morning – just one walk.

Organic objects were collected that morning from the detritus of the bush tracks – leaves, bark, feathers, weeds. Gathered into a bag and taken back to the studio to be sorted and prepared for printing.

The resulting works on paper use layers of printing ink, repeat passes through the press to build impressions of positive and negative surfaces. Seemingly random and scattered like leaf litter the impressions of botanical samples are layered into a visual field.

Each print is unique in the choice of colours and the placement of the objects.