How to exibit

How to Exhibit / Consign goods for sale

Meeniyan is fast becoming a cultural and artistic hub in a region and is growing in popularity as a tourist destination. This makes MAG is a perfect place to exhibit.

If you are an artist just starting out or have an established artistic career, we have the place for you to showcase your work.

There are 3 gallery options available for exhibitions and a shop area for selling individual pieces. There is also a workshop, with a press, available for hire privately, or for MAG managed workshops. If you have an interest in running workshops, please contact us at the email address below.

Why not call in and view the gallery and our current exhibitions, and decide if MAG is for you.

For more general information, please review the document below.

Information for Artists – Exhibit or Sell with MAG Inc

Other enquires please contact us via our general email address:

and for Exhibition enquiries:

June 2018


Additional forms within the above document:
Artists and Artisans Registration Form
Exhibition Booking Form
Exhibition Inventory
Exhibition Area
Artists Shop Inventory