Future Exhibitions

Gallery 1

28 April – 26 May 2017
Petals by Sharon Lagden

In our world we are surrounded by beauty, but few of us have the time to really appreciate it. Through my floral paintings, I try to capture the delicate folds of the  petals and the many varied tones of the flower subject, so that you too can enjoy the beauty that I see. Sharon Lagden

Gallery 2

28 April – 26 May 2017
Landfill  – The Age of Humans, by Scott McFadden

My work presents as a naïve, simplistic and whimsical perspective of Australian culture and its relationship to waste. The compositions are created from re-cycled materials to remind people of the impact on the environment through the items we thoughtlessly discard. Due to over consumption and proliferation of technology we have pushed the planet into a new geological epoch known as ‘Anthropogenic’. Scott McFadden