Future Exhibitions

February Exhibitions
We have six exciting artists for the February exhibitions:

Carolyn Jones

Kerry Strauss + Robyn Cerritti

Robyn Cerretti and Kerry Strauss are graduates of the fine art department at RMIT, recently moved to Fish Creek and Foster from Brunswick East, where they were neighbors. They are founding members of the artist run space “Upstairs at  the Napier” in Fitzroy. Kerry and Robyn are now part of the Various Space collective, which continues the principles and practice of the Upstairs at the Napier artists in different locations.

This exhibition explores complimentary themes which run through both artist’s work; the notion of transformation and the passage of time, using locally sourced and repurposed material in works of sculpture and drawing.

Robert Barron

For over forty years, making pots and firing with wood continues to be a great force in my life. Whether it is preparing the clay, throwing on the wheel or stoking the kiln, I find all aspects of the process immensely satisfying. These days I find myself diving into the embers and moving work around, creating my own individual expression out of the fire it’s self. The firing process has become an aesthetic tool and the division between technique and idea has become blurred.

Scott McFadden

Susan Hall

I am a Gippsland artist specialising in Printmaking and Painting. Beach walking and collecting plastic left by an unthinking consumerist society became the grounds for a new environmental art practice. My work evolves around my local  environment that reflect the tension between nature and the human exploitation of nature. In the Ecology exhibition at Meeniyan Art Gallery I will be submitting works based on my perception of the ever changing moods of Andersons Inlet and beyond.