Current Exhibitions

January Exhibitions
We have four exciting artists for the January exhibitions:
Heather Fahnle – Mosaics
My passion is nature. Ceramics – clay from the earth is my way of using nature in my art work! I use the Mosaic medium to tell stories , with small pieces! All the small pieces become the words in my story! Each piece in our exhibition will be sold with a written story!

Meg McCarthy – Weaver
My weaving arose from an obsession for beach combing and the environment. I combine ocean flotsam and organic bush bits to create sculptural woven pieces and basketry.

Steve Parker
Steve’s art is traditional dreaming in a contemporary context representing spiritual country & culture, and using traditional symbols and brighter colours to represent the adaptation to the new world.

Natasha Williams
Natasha produces work on small and large canvases as landscape, portraiture, abstract, and cartoons.