Current Exhibitions

October 2018 (3 – 30 October)


Gallery 1  – Figurescapes: Josephine Allen

Josephine Allen’s exhibition Figurescapes has been inspired by a trip to Europe and seeing the Renaissance religious art in the flesh.

“I love the way they use everyday people and stories of the time to illustrate social themes.

I have always done works inspired by theological concepts, in between I do figurative landscapes, a lot of life drawing and other subjects. This exhibition is a way to combine all the elements without leaving the studio.”

Most of the works are pastel and charcoal on rag paper and have been completed over the last eighteen months with a few favorite older works on the theme.

Josephine has been exhibiting since 1985 and is a figurative artist who loves allegory and nature.

Josephine Allen, will be present as artist in residence in Gallery 1 from 11am – 2pm on the first Sunday after the opening (October 14) and the last Sunday (October 28) of her exhibition.



Gallery 2 – Across the Strait: Jennifer Marshall

For the artist Jennifer Marshall, the sea is a means of communing with the world around her and during the ten years she spent living at Venus Bay her art reflected the beautiful, wild beaches of South Gippsland. In 2010 she moved from Venus Bay to Hobart where she continues to paint the Tasmanian coastline and ocean, but the works in this exhibition, part of a series titled ‘Across the Strait’, pays special homage to the sea sponges of this spectacular Victorian region.

Combining several print mediums, such as dry-point, etching and woodblock, Jennifer has translated the marine flora into prints, transforming each one from their natural state into a unique and mysterious structure, their sinewy and tiny channels resembling the veins or alveoli of the human anatomy. Her colours of dark sea green, purple, sepia and turquoise, black, red and mauve are like colours found in exotic flowers, which tends to give them an altogether new visual meaning.

Regarded as one of Australia’s most esteemed printmakers Jennifer Marshall’s exhibition provides us with a rare insight into her work but is also a spectacular homage to the humble sea sponge.