Current Exhibitions


31 Mar – 27 Apr 2017
Works by Pauline John and Darren Gilbert

My work is mostly of birds done in coloured inks, there are also a few fine pen drawings, one of a nest with eggs, a baby wallaby and a baby wombat, I have also done several small pieces on canvas utilising classical music onto which I have painted small song birds (this variation from my usual works on paper is as a result of a 3 day collage workshop which I attended last year) it is a “quirky” variation on a theme  – Pauline John

 Darren’s stunning sculptural works created from salvaged timbers & rustic metal objects are organic, quirky and contemporary – inspired by shapes found in the natural landscape; giant seed pods, stylised leaves and abstract bird forms. These marry well with his incredibly detailed striking pen & ink artworks celebrating Australian fauna. They beckon viewers to stop and really “see” the fascinating and often overlooked characteristics of our natives… the amazing patterns of plumage & fur, soulful expressive eyes, the unique curve of a beak, the gnarly texture of a claw.


31 Mar – 27 April 2017
 Now and Then by Val Christie

The work covers some of the phases of my explorations as an aspiring artist .  My early work as shown was in oils  and I ventured into pastels about 13 years ago . I mainly use traditional subjects ,but have ventured into abstracts at times  – Val Christie