Current Exhibitions

Gallery 1
27 Oct – 24 Nov
Exploring the Disconnect by Valerie Hibberd and Rhonda Hunt

This exhibition showcases the work of two artists, primarily resin artwork with some sculptural pieces and print works.  The artists have very differing styles, from subtlety and refinement to an explosion of colour.  From two different worlds, the artists are connected by the love of art and the exploration of the same mediums.

For Valerie Exploring the Disconnect is about a  sense of place, a connection to place – a need that is in all of us. Having lived half her life in Coventry in England and half in Australia she has no real sense of her place, of where she is. Missing here a sense of shared past.  Missing there a shared future.  Friends with no shared past, friends with no shared future. Art is for Valerie a way of exploring this disconnect, of living between two worlds and sharing some of her frustrations and the important things in her past – a glimpse of the past that shaped through a selection of print works.

Rhonda is exploring where we fit into societal and familial norms; and our own expectations of our place in the world – do we long for time to explore our artwork, unfettered by the complications of life and responsibilities? Rhonda is someone who has felt they never quite “fitted in” – disconnected. With an early family life complicated by the mental health issues of one parent, being an only child of older parents, an awkward teenager, and now let down by a body that provides the constant challenge of living with a back injury, she explores their social impacts.
“Exploring the Disconnect” for Rhonda, means exploring where she is in the world at the moment, examining the pathway that has got her to this point through her love of color and resin.

Gallery 2
27 Oct – 24 Nov
Looking at you, looking at me by Renee Bucknall

Renee paints with paper. Using glossy magazines to create detailed collages, she is interested in exploring the portrayal of women and the body in our image-saturated lives. A meticulous, complex process requiring patience, the women Renee creates are similarly multilayered. These women are not passive, but look back out at the viewer. Uniquely positioned, they witness that they are being watched. With social media and influencer culture used to obsessively curate images of our daily experiences, Renee questions the role of the viewer and the subject being viewed.

Artist’s Wall
27 Oct – 24 Nov
Mantra Botanica by Mae Adams

mantra botanica is a series of repeated motifs or visual ‘mantra’ that reveal the intrinsic qualities of natural plant fibres, and explores their potential for abstract artistic expression.