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November Exhibition

Chimera, Bryan Dawe

This month, Meeniyan Art Gallery proudly hosts Bryan Dawe’s latest exhibition, Chimera, a selection of over 30 works conceived and inspired by Morocco, and his recent travels in Southern Spain and Portugal.

Bryan Dawe is a man who deftly wears many creative hats. He is a writer, comedian, songwriter, photographer and political satirist, and has directed and performed on radio, stage, film and television for over 35 years. With this exhibition of surreal digitally enhanced photographs, his talent as a visual artist is in the spotlight.

The works explore Dawe’s love of theatre, circus and dance, as well his fascination with the architecture in the cities of Tangier and Fez in Morocco, and Porto in Portugal. Dawe also adds his unique humour to the exhibition with a series of his recent quirky drawings.

Dawe was born in Port Adelaide and believes that port towns, by their very nature, have a unique openness and acceptance of diversity.

“This is true of where I grew up and echoed very much in Tangier. Tangier’s history, architecture, old cafes and bars, the wonderful stories, the color and most of all, the delightful humor and genuine warmth of her people, continue to inspire and inform my work.”

The exhibition will run from Thursday 1 November to Sunday 25 November. The official launch will be held on Saturday 3 November, 2pm – 4pm. Visitors to the gallery on Sunday 4 November will also have the opportunity to meet Bryan and talk about his work and travels between 2pm – 4pm.

All are welcome to attend the official launch and the informal ‘Meet the Artist’ event.

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