Current Exhibitions

April Exhibitions – 30 March to 27 April (Opening Sunday 1 April)


Gippsland Terra Aqua: Chris Krzyzanowski

Painting: Chris’ art style is representational. He depicts events or scenes from the real world but abstracted to a degree or manipulated in some way so as to produce more intricate images.
His subject matter is largely derived from nature in the Victorian landscape.  Chris uses both brush and palette knife to create his art, so his paintings are overlaid and textured. He uses a rich palette which gives additional life and depth to his canvas. He works with oils and acrylics on canvas and board.

Sculpture: The sculptural figures are representational – they are stylised forms of dancing glyphs, aesthetically pleasing, elongated shapes constructed with steel cores and resinous bodies. The finish to these works is of a metallic bronze coating.

The work for this Exhibition has taken over 12 months to assemble. Chris has previously exhibited drawings and ceramics, however this is his first exhibition of paintings and sculpture.

Recent Works: Peter Walker

All work in this series of landscapes is derived from my imagination.  The work is expressed through considered mistakes, random mark making, gesture and experience with an emphasis on intuitive energy and individual approach.  Media: Oil, inks, pastel and pencil.