Current Exhibitions

June Exhibitions – 25 May – 22 June (Opening Sunday 27 May)


Gallery 1 – ‘Shifting Perspectives’: John Adam

An exhibition of paintings in oil, watercolour & gouache.  Almost all the paintings are recent, with a few exceptions and the majority have never been exhibited.

Gallery 2 – ‘Upside Down Mountain’: Dylan Breninger & Amelie Camille


‘Upside Down Mountain’ is a collaborative multidisciplinary, rurally inspired philosophical exploration into parallel themes which are evident in both our work.

We have begun enthusiastically exploring these shared themes in recent months, resulting in digitally edited mixed media drawings in photography, video and sound, sculptural paintings and mixed media on found object sculptures.

The words Upside Down Mountain describe well the nature of our art and we invite an audience to think about these words while viewing the work.

This exhibition, our first collaboration, is an experiment based on a hunch. One that if successful will produce further collaboration.

Gallery 3 – ‘New York & Back’: Peter Walker