Current Exhibitions

Gallery 1
1 Sep- 29 Sep 2017
Glimpses by Sharyn Madder and Beatrice Magalotti

Sharyn Madder has worked for many years as a free-lance education/natural history artist for such organizations as Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Museum, the Gould League, Parks Victoria, The Marine Discovery Centre, Vox Bandicoot and for many and various local councils, publishers and individuals.  She has illustrated many educational texts as part of this work.This interest in the natural environment continues and remains the main focus of her work. Many hours are spent drawing around the coastal areas of South Gippsland and the Mornington Peninsula.Sharyn exhibits regularly in local community shows and is involved with the “Alphington Open Studios’ artist’s group.

Beatric Magalotti is  a Melbourne based artist working in sculpture and photography, both disciplines working in unison with each other. Her influences are from nature and the built environment resulting in a playful and eclectic art practice embracing a wide range of different media in her sculptural work. For example,  the use of a domestic skill such as crochet to create a bronze sculpture, the making of ceramic pieces using traditional methods, embroidering on flywire.

Gallery 2
1 Sep – 29 Sep 2017
Rust Prophets and Works by Paul McAuslan

Exploring the intersections of the visual arts and music has been a focal passion for Paul. He has ventured into many areas including photography, painting, drawing and sculpture. His love of motorcycles and fishing has lead him to create works celebrating the freedom of the open road and the diversity of landscapes throughout this immense continent and beyond. Paul’s skills as a multi instrumentalist have lead him down many a winding path, observing and notating throughout the journey. His observant fascination with architecture began at a young age manifesting in a great skill in technical drawing. The Rust Prophets collection celebrates observations of the beauty in decay, the natural in the unnatural and the edge between the everyday and the extraordinary. This exhibition is a collection of observations from life so far. The journey continues.

Artists Wall
1 Sept – 29 Sept 2017
Natasha Williams-Novak