Current Exhibitions

July Exhibitions – 22 June – 29 July (Opening Sunday 24 June @ 2pm)

Gallery 1 – ‘A Winter’s Feast’: Volunteer Group Exhibition

Volunteer Exhibition Statements: Susan HallSharon Lagden / Ross Garner / Regina DudekPauline John / Pauline Farries / Patricia Hill / Jenny Mountford / Bruce Grainger

Gallery 2 – ‘Fond Farewell’: Lucy Hersey


Fond farewell is a body of work that explores the themes of healing, ritual and the ways we self-treat in dealing with pain, anguish and the troubled mind. The process of preparing this collection of paintings has been in itself an act of therapy and nostalgia as I reflect on icons and votives from my life.

Gallery 3 – ‘Pathways to the Soul’: Helen Timbury & Karin Ryan

Helen Timbury:  Helen’s linocuts celebrate National Parks and other protected places. She believes our many connections with landscape contribute to wellbeing. These landscapes – inland, alpine and coastal, and the flora and fauna particular to them, hold a special significance for her as an artist. Through her work she seeks to raise an awareness in others, pointing out the fragility, beauty and diversity of the environment.

Karin Ryan:  Ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand I have doodled, scribbled, drawn and sketched. It is an obsession that has never left me and I am most comfortable in my skin when I am creative, when I am in touch with my imagination and emotions. In my art I want to capture the simple ordinary everyday moments in life – the comfort and meaning of human relationships and the interaction and experience of humans in nature. I try to cheer people up and remind them of the simple pleasures of just existing.